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More Efficient, More Accurate & More Wide-reaching!

Today’s libraries subscribe to significantly more than a handful of web databases (DBs), eDigests, eJournals, and other online resources. The world wide web places at your fingertips a dizzying array of eArchives, open access journals and relevant information. Our goal is to be your efficient search system, optimizing the integration of a treasure trove of eResources, in real-time. Lib.Steps will elevate your research integrity to the next level.

What is Lib.Steps?:

  • Lib.Steps is our real-time specialized search solution for academic and related information libraries.
  • Lib.Steps intelligent meta-search engine simultaneously sends user requests to several remote resources of your choosing, and delivers the accurate and honest ranking results back to your simplified user-interface.
  • Lib.Steps is an integrated research system, which enable users to search in real-time across your library’s online resources, including eJournals, web databases and the library catalog, from a single search box, providing easy access to full text when available, and managing your searched data.
  • Users can conduct their research very easily, and specifically, with our Lib.Steps integrated search solution. Just type one or more words you’re looking for, then just one click of the ‘Search’ button. It’s just that easy!

Lib.Steps Features:

  • Intensive Data Coverage & Scalability of Scope Search
  • Reliability of the Most Accurate & Honest Search Results
  • Information Currency
  • Auto-Monitoring, Auto-Tuning & Auto-Patch
  • Link Resolver (OpenURL) & Journal A-to-Z

Lib.Steps Functions & Benefits:

  • Locates the most academically relevant and new articles of eJournals & web DBs, supported in real time.
  • Incorporates the various and significant information of open access journals and eArchives.
  • Users can quickly acquire significant data through articles & eJournals, then manage their findings with ease.
  • With our Link Resolver technology, users can rapidly locate articles in full-text and access links to the multiple scholarly sites like Google Scholar, Scopus, Pubmed, to name a few.
  • Libraries can easily and efficiently manage their own subscription eJournal list.
  • Takes the burden off librarians with our turn-key solutions. Easy, efficient & stable search system.

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